Low income defendants miss court and other mandatory appointments leading to over one million avoidable nights in jail each year.

When the vast majority of defendants miss court, they are not fleeing. They just need help. 

Uptrust eliminates court Failure-To-Appears (FTAs) by reminding people of their obligations and connecting them to social services based on their needs.

Improving court attendance is crucial for increasing the number of individuals safely released pretrial. 


Across the US, Uptrust is achieving a 95% court attendance rate, contributing to a decrease in incarceration rates and generating significant cost savings to our County and State government partners.

Unlike in episodes of Law & Order, most criminal defendants who miss court do not flee. But they do need help making it to court

Text messages are more effective than mailed reminders; they are also cheaper and less restrictive than supervision and electronic monitoring


Using technology to humanize the justice system leads to better defendant engagement

Better engagement leads to better attendance

30% of recipients of Uptrust's text reminders text back. The #1 response is "Thank You." 

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