Getting Started with Uptrust

1. Go to on any web browser and enter your e-mail and password. 

2. Click on the three lines on the top right. 

3. Click "New Client."

Having trouble? Click on the images below.

4. Enter client information. Be sure to include the attorney, phone number, and name.

5. Click "Court Data" to enter case numbers and court dates.

6. Click "Messages" to see messages sent to a client (in black) and scheduled messages (in grey). From this page, you can send messages directly to a client. 

7. Click "Social Services" to schedule AA/NA, Domestic Violence Classes, and other regular appointments. 

8. Click "Save." 


9. To see all your clients, click the three lines on the top right of the screen, and click "Clients." 

"Review" an overview of all clients.

"Upcoming" lists clients with upcoming reminders.

"Unassigned" lists clients that do not have any upcoming appointments assigned.

"Unreachable" are clients that either never were assigned a phone number, or clients whose phone numbers bounced back from Uptrust's weekly checks. It is possible their phone has been disconnected, and you should seek other ways of contacting them. 

10. Click on the pencil next to a client's name to edit their profile and create reminders for future appointments.