What We Do

Uptrust sends text message reminders to attend court and other obligations. Text messages have 98% open-rate, much better than phone calls from anonymous numbers or mailed letters that often don’t reach the recipient.  

Our system opens a unique two-way channel of communication between your office and the person you’re reaching, and tailors the message to their needs. For example, we can remind people of childcare or connect them to an uber. Additionally, our system periodically checks to ensure phone numbers are still operational.   

Our messages have been crafted in concert with public defenders, behavioral economists, and social workers to deliver maximum impact, and humanize the criminal justice system.

Our Product

Through a mix of automation and on-demand human interaction we humanize the confusing criminal justice process for low-income defendants.

Our results prove that better engagement achieves better outcomes for all stakeholders (defendants, law enforcement, court staff, public defenders, pretrial services, probation, and tax-payers.

Our simple interface displays messages sent to a defendant and allows two-way communication: 

Our Results


20% of low-income clients miss court without the benefit of personalized reminders. 



Uptrust can decrease your FTA rate by 80%.



In six months, Uptrust decreased the FTA rate of one of our partner sites to 3.9%.



A key factor in Uptrust’s success is our ability to engage low-income clients. Over 30% of defendants text back, and the number one response is “Thank you.”